Those Categories Over There


While I realize that a weblog discussing webcomics is either the purview of either Websnark or some similar brand of individual with far too much time on his hands, I do believe that webcomics are interesting and occasionally disastrous enough to grant enough license as to allow at least two people to write on them, to criticize, praise, denounce, lionize, vilify and generally muck things up by sticking their nose where it’s not, as it’s opinioned, their business.

 I do not have a webcomic, a condition that stems both from my lack of artistic ability and unwillingness to convince some hapless sod to draw me one while I bang out scripts. This does not, I think, exempt me from having an opinion, so I shall continue to do so in this new medium regardless.

Video Games

Like much of the internet, I play video games: more than some, I’d wager; less than many, perhaps; but quite addicted regardless. As such, and by such I mean I’ve gotten myself an English degree and more time than sense, I fancy myself writing regarding them, in the realm of reviews, previews, bashings, glorifications, and perhaps the odd quizzical bit out.

 I don’t imagine myself maintaining an organizational structure that would require separate categories for each topic category, as goes the standard in many gaming sites. I’m simply not that industrial, and that isn’t the point of this weblog. There are far better places for you to go if you require an encyclopedic reservoir on the topic of gaming anyway. I’m not inclined at this hypothetical stage to write on any particular topic more than once, so out goes the preview for Mario Galaxy standing right next to the review. I’m not inclined to believe I’ll even stick to any such pedantic before/after format regardless.

 The Gaming Community

Many’s the time been that I’ve read or watched a review from any of these gaming websites and been struck by some weird new variation from The Emperor’s New Clothes, in that something completely ridiculous, unfunny, unprofessional, contradictory, illogical, nonobjective or nonsensical has been written, said, or posted and everyone just continues as though nothing’s the matter. Most often this shock lies purely in the frame that the progenitor of this content managed to, apparently, sneak a completely unworthy piece by his editors. Sometimes, the attached community notices this as well, but other times, they are the ones who seem to be vying to become the new mayors of crazy town.

 And that’s all, really. You may notice my tone, attitude, and approach fluctuate as I progress with more articles, but hopefully this will be an intentional meandering about potential styles, displaying in full my versatility as a writer…and not indicative of a true lack of consistency in my work.



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