I used to have a website. Several, in fact, though never did more than one exist during any given moment. But, they’re derelict, dead, and I didn’t wish to continue to contribute quarterly payments to a webhost for the sake of a reminder that these things once were important to me. So, dead.

 As things go, a writer should write. Writers seeking jobs should write, as to eventually possess writing samples, portfolios, that sort of thing. Habit, while not the king of all things, is at least at the very least minimally related to success.

 I do not care if you enjoy this, find it amusing, bookmark it, or whatever. I’ve done that before, and it’s worthless to hold yourself to these denizens of these internets, and as I stand in opposition to the cult of personality that is so often rumored to exist around weblogs I really ought not encourage such behavior.


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