Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Release Day Preview

In Video Games on March 20, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Here’s some information on the game, because no website seems to have all of this information, or even some of it in an easy to reach place.

Players will choose from one of six different classes (and thus characters) for the single player / 4-player co-op campaign. Yes, this means that there are more character classes than available “slots” for players / computer-controlled allies. They are:

  • Assault – Lupo / Dee-Ay / Leon Kennedy
  • Recon – Vector / Willow / HUNK (aka God of Death)
  • Medic – Bertha / Harley / Ada Wong
  • Sniper – Spectre / Party-girl / Jill Valentine
  • Field Scientist – Four Eyes / Shona / Claire Redfield
  • Demolition – Beltway / Tweed / Nicholai

Each class is represented by a different person based upon mode. Campaign players use USS Wolfpack characters (who are also a faction in adversarial multiplayer). The other faction is SpecOps “Echo Six”. Heroes in “Heroes” mode also seem to mimic a given class (as above).

Each class has five unique abilities which may be upgraded using XP acquired from mission or match completion, and can carry a primary and secondary weapon. There is also some manner of “CQC” though I’m not sure if that just means a melee button or something more involved.

Primary weapons include (each category having 4-6 weapons in it):

  • Shotguns
  • Sub-machineĀ guns
  • Assault rifles
  • Light machine guns
  • Sniper rifles

Whereas secondary weapons are just handguns and “magnums.”

Players unlock the more than 45 weapons by buying them with XP; there also appears to be “special” weapons such as flame throwers, grenade launchers and so on but it’s unclear if these get added to your equippable loadout or are only found in-mission.

Players also get grenades: frag, flash and incendiary. Field scientists get a pheromone grenade that attracts zombies.

You’ve also got a light inventory accessed using the D-Pad:

  • Up: class item
  • Left: first aid spray
  • Right: grenades (I imagine this swaps between grenade type, as each class can carry 3 each of each grenade type)
  • Down: antiviral spray

For gameplay, getting shot / wounded / bleeding (not sure if it’s one shot or a specific amount of damage) will attract zombies and BOWs to your position. Zombies can grapple you and if you fail to waggle the control stick fast enough to get them off, they will bite and infect you (not sure if other BOWs can infect). Once infected you must either use your antiviral spray or turn into a zombie. Zombified players are not controlled by the player (not sure if this applies to just singleplayer or multiplayer as well).

There’s a few modes available for RE: ORC

  • Co-op campaign, consisting of 12 missions total (unconfirmed)
  • Team Attack, which is team deathmatch with the “environmental hazard” of a full-blown umbrella BOW outbreak. Points are awarded for killing players and zombies / BOWs, but players are worth more.
  • Survivors, which puts two teams against waves of zombies and BOWs until a chopper arrives. Space on the chopper is limited. Players respawn but successive respawns take more time.
  • Biohazard mode, which is like a neutral flag CTF (with zombies and BOWs).
  • Heroes mode, which replaces normal Wolfpack / SpecOps members with notable characters from the RE universe. When a hero is killed that player will respawn as the “normal” Wolfpack / SpecOps member who is notably weaker than the hero they replace. First team to lose all of their hero characters loses the match.
  • (DLC, 320 MSP) Nemesis mode, an Xbox exclusive Day-1 DLC that plays like a standard team deathmatch, with players optionally vying for control over Nemesis, who takes at their enemies with its minigun, strong melee attacks and general implacability.

On April 10th (or 11th, I’ve read both) we will also get a free mission DLC for the SpecOps team as they deploy to Raccoon City to investigate the source of the outbreak, eventually meeting up with Jill Valentine …and Nemesis!


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