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Truths, Damned Truths and Statistics

In The Gaming Community, Video Games on December 28, 2011 at 10:11 pm

This generation of consoles has been the herald of a great many changes to our beloved past time. New concepts such as downloadable content, subscriptions, “new game” passes come alongside pre-order bonuses as a near standard, online play perfected and expected, and game development costs that have risen from around 1-4 million for a PS2 game, to 5 million for a first generation 360 or PS3 game, to today where a “next gen” title costs between 20-30 million (with big triple-A titles going for twice that).

But perhaps most startling is the shift in power and importance. A decade ago, the best games and consoles came from Japan; the idea of a gaming market without Japan was unthinkable.  Today, the United States dominates a gaming market where Japanese publishers just can’t compete with “western” games. This is a world where Japan needs the US much more than the US needs Japan. Let’s look at some statistics from our good friends at VG Chartz!
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