Dragon Age 2 Info Breakdown

In Video Games on March 10, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Dragon Age 2 landed with  just about the splash you’d expect from a triple-A title from Bioware, and while there is some dissent about supposed “dumming down” or “consolization,” rest assured that where gaming and quality are concerned, it’s exceeding my expectations so far.

But, because I find there can be more questions than answers at the dawn of a new game, here’s some quick information that should help everyone out.

The Signature Edition comes with a few goodies, among which is a soundtrack; it isn’t exactly obvious for how to download it, so to do so, go to this site, log in, and then scroll down to the “Dragon Age II Sountrack – Signature Edition” item.  Strangely, regardless of your platform it’s always going to be in the PC section.  Next, hit the “More Info” button to get the download link.

The soundtrack itself is given in “CD quality,” which means .wav format.  You’ll want to convert that to MP3 most likely, and add meta-data tags to update everything (Inon Zur is the artist); feel free to use the above album art from the Zune store as well.

Next up is getting a few nice extra goodies; you of course get several for new copies of the game, but everyone’s entitled to a few items by registering for a few newsletters and registering your game at the Bioware social site; follow the instructions on this link for each item.

Now for a few quick items.

If you buy the game new, you’ll gain access to the Black Emporium, accessible as soon as intra-city travel is available in Kirkwall.  While you get a few nice items out of it, the main features are in respecializing (respeccing) your character, redistributing attributes and skills as you see fit.  So you’re not stuck until the expansion hits like in Dragon Age: Origins.  You can also redo your character’s appearance (but not gender), which is nice for those of us that want to make some fine adjustments after seeing our character in action.

Lastly is that Dragon Age 2 imports data from your Origins save game, primarily in constructing “the world.”  Details are somewhat thin at the moment, but major decisions, such as what you did with the Ashes of Andraste, the new leader of the dwarves, the elves, and the exact political situation up to and including who among Anora, Alistair, Loghain and yourself are alive, whether any dark rituals have been performed, and so on; if you lack a save game, you can choose from one of three preset paths, among a human, elf or dwarven warden of varying dispositions.

Not specifically noted, but confirmed, is that it will also import data from the completion of the continuation DLCs from Origins.  Again, no specifics, but you should be sure to play through and finish Awakenings, Witch Hunt and Golems of Amgarrak, in that (chronological) order.

What it will not support is importing multiple savegames, so if your warden died at the end and you went on to do these DLC as the Orlesian warden, you do have to choose which one to import.

As I have to finish the above, I won’t be starting in on the sequel for a week or two at least, but from my self-indulgent two or three hour head start, I can firmly say that Bioware finally realized they well and truly evolved RPGs, and elevated their craft, with Mass Effect, and Dragon Age really benefits from the experience.  If you were looking for more of the traditional western-RPG tactically-oriented gameplay, however, you might be disappointed.

But then, your genre has largely moved on without you, hasn’t it?



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